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FOX 7 Austin

Former Texas Comptroller Susan Combs talks about her new book which is a message for every woman. Watch her interview on Good Day here.

Directors & Boards

The authors of Board Games: Straight Talk For New Directors and Board Governance, John T. Montford and Joseph Daniel McCool, are featured on the cover of Directors & Boards magazine.

Directors & Boards Q3 2016 Cover

Fast Company

Me time is the best way to recharge your cognitive batteries. While everyone’s definition of me time may be different (some may prefer to spend their me time exercising, while to others me time may mean sleeping in or a trip to the spa), that time spent actively focused on yourself allows you to shut off the parts of your brain that are focused on the things that are stressing you out, allowing you to return to those tasks and perform at your peak level. Read More

Harvard Business Review

No one wants another checklist task that they have to complete. We want to be called to something greater. So instead of informing and directing your direct reports, aspire to inspire. When you focus on persuading them, you’ll be able to turn even a corporate initiative or new product launch into a cause that becomes their own. They’ll want to step up and own their results. Read More


Most aspiring entrepreneurs believe that a great idea alone will assure business success. Experts argue that it’s more important to have a great plan, and personal business acumen. Hardly anyone mentions selling principles. Yet in this age when customers have a thousand alternatives, and are overwhelmed by a multitude of messages, sales efforts can make or break a business. Read More

Ivey Business Journal

There are so many stories about people coming out to Silicon Valley to start a business and ending up a billionaire pretty much overnight. That’s wonderful when it happens, but it seldom does. For every Instagram story out there, there are hundreds of other ventures that did not instantly create wealth and hundreds that didn’t create any wealth at all. So anyone coming out here looking to start a business in order to get rich quick really needs to understand the desire for instant wealth is not easy to satisfy and certainly not a good reason to start a business. Success typically takes time and hard work and passion. And that is especially true in Silicon Valley, where failure happens all the time. My previous books are about success and leadership. This one is an epic tale of failure. Read More

Livestrong Foundation

My definition of “pantry items” goes far beyond the deep, dark, “hard-to-find-in-there” storage area. Why limit stocked items to just the dry-storage pantry? Don’t forget about your fridge and freezer. In the freezer, you store fruits, vegetables and even bread in its own packaging, but other items sometimes have a way of getting “lost.” It takes one quick step to prevent this: Wrap single cuts of meat, poultry and fish individually before you freeze them. Shape lean ground turkey or beef into patties. That way, they’re portion-controlled and you can grab as many as you need any time. They can be quickly thawed in a single layer in a microwave, too. Read More


A lot happens in a split second online, much of it good for the advertising business but worrying for privacy advocates. Lightning-quick auctions to push tailored ads to individual web users are growing fast, writes Mike Smith, a digital publishing executive, in his new book “Targeted.” Smith predicts such auctions will be a big part of the industry’s future. Ad men will need ever more personal data to fuel them. Read More


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