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Lori was the vice president of a New York City public relations agency and had been with them for more than 20 years. While trying to take care of her son, Lori’s employer was regularly asking her when she would be able to return to work. For Lori, however, leaving her son was not an option. Read More

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You put your life on hold so you could finish writing your book. Now, you can sit back and relax while the sales roll in, right? Wrong! Developing a publicity strategy is critical to your book’s success. Read More

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She wasn’t worried about getting clients after having done book publicity and other public relations in Manhattan for more than 20 years. What was daunting was the prospect of becoming an employer for the first time. Ames’ business grew so much that nine months after she started the company she was able to hire the first of her two staffers. That was great news, but the responsibility that comes with being responsible for someone else’s salary was stressful. Read More

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Of course plenty of women still believe they can have it all. And some of them started their own businesses to make that happen. But for all the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in this country, it’s not evenly divided along gender lines. Most entrepreneurs are men — and women-owned companies are far less likely to hit the million-dollar revenue mark.

Ashley Milne-Tyte met two women who’ve taken very different paths to having it all. Read More

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This week I interviewed business owner Lori Ames, who started her own PR agency five years ago. Read on for her retelling of why and how she started The PR Freelancer… Read More

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Lori Ames was the vice president of a boutique New York City public relations agency for more than two decades when unforeseen circumstances inspired her to start her own business. She left the safety net of a regular pay check to forge her own way and quickly found success. Lori has the perfect combination of significant experience in her field, coupled with knowledge of today’s social media landscape, to create the ideal campaigns.

Lori drew on more than 30 years in the publishing and public relations fields, and founded ThePRFreelancer, Inc..  She works with authors, artists, and small businesses to help them with their publicity, marketing, and public relations needs.

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Lori has an incredible story from a personal perspective and a business perspective. From the time she found out her son Robert had a brain tumor while away on vacation, her strength, courage and ingenuity were tested on so many levels. Fast Forward 4 years, Lori has started her own PR firm and not only is her son Robert doing well, but he is doing a great job helping his Mom in her business. Read More

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Ames’ unintentional entrepreneurial journey has molded her into a special type of woman leader – strong and willful – a woman who was by her son’s side through the biggest battle of his young life, and who brings that strength and wisdom to the table for each and every campaign. Read More